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How to Build or Repair Cellular Phone Chargers

Do you need to fix your cell phone charger? Here are links to HOWTOs, FAQs, manuals and other helpful documents. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Cell Phone Charger ConversionTake an old cell phone charger e.g. from a Sony/Ericsson phone, check the output voltage against the USB specs, check the pinouts and connect a USB extension cable to the charger.
USB to Nokia Safe ChargerThis simple project shows you how to make a USB powered Nokia cell phone charger. The advantage is that it weighs much less than the bulky AC adaptor, and can be used wherever you have a computer or a laptop.
Universal USB ChargerMake a USB phone charger for almost any cell phone. Take an Altoids tin, an old wall/car charger that fits your cell phone, a male USB connector, a 220 Ohm resistor (red-red-brown), a LED (color is up to you), a power switch and connect them all together.
Car Lighter USB HubMake a portable, multicharging device for your electronics, that will let you recharge your stuff in your car from a cheap USB hub and a car lighter cell phone recharger.

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