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How to Make Accessories & AddOns for Mobile (Cellular) Phones

Do you want to make an accessory or addon for your mobile (cell) phone? Here are links to HOWTOs, FAQs and manuals for headsets, ring tone amplifiers and more. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Apple iPhone DockThis teardown, will show how to crack open the white plastic dock that comes with the original iPhone. The dock works only with the original iPhone. However, by removing the top cover of the dock, you can use the dock with other Apple products that have a 30 pin connector. So you can modify the dock to be universal.
BlueTrek SkinUse a small blade to teardown this BlueTooth headset.
Mark ISilly Phone Contraption: how to build a ring tone amplifier, using a small photocell and an LM324 op-amp chip.
Mark IIA cell phone ring detector made with a TLC3704 voltage comparator chip (a very low power CMOS version of an LM339).
Nokia 5100/6100Adding an answer/end call button to a headset.
Nokia 5110/6110A standard audio amplifier adaptor for the headset. A headset is useful device when you are outdoors. At home you may prefer speaking directly to the phone. But you can connect the phone to your hi-fi amplifier at home and play music on the line, record the calls, and use it as a "wireless microphone".
Nokia 6230HOW-TO: Make a Nokia Pop port to female mini jack with volume control for the HDS-3 cable to the headset.
Nokia 6230i HDS-3 HeadsetHow to add a 3.5" jack to take a normal headset (in German).
Nokia HSU-3 Privacy HandSetSkype handset: if you prefer to talk to traditional style handset rather than hearing the other person inside your head using stereo headsets or using the fiddly earbud, here is one solution.
Nokia Free Radio HeadSetThis HOWTO explains how to build a free radio head set for all mobile cellular phones with Pop-Port (in German).
Nokia HiFi AdaptorA selfmade HiFi mono Cinch adaptor with schematics and parts list (in German).
Nokia 51xx/61xx/62xx/63xx/71xxHow to get a headset menue by attaching a fake headset, which is just a special short-circuit connector (in German).
Nokia 51xx/61xx/62xx/63xx/71xxThis guide describes how to build your own headset (in German).
Palm Pre TouchStone Charging KitThis teardown shows the innards of the slick induction based charging kit.
Sony/Ericsson K750iHeadset - 3.5mm jack modding with pictures.
Sony/Ericsson HPM-20 (Portable Stereo Handsfree Kit)Add 3.5mm earphone support.
V-Three Pte Ltd V3 - BTH3 Bluetooth Wireless HeadsetTeardown report with disassembly pictures of a wireless headset.

Cell Phone Chargers

How to build and repair cell phone chargers.


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