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How to Mod Mobile (Cellular) Phone Antennas

Do you want to add or modify an antenna for your mobile (cellular) phone? Here are links to HOWTOs, FAQs and manuals. If you have written a free report yourself (or if you know of a guide not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Internal Mobile Phone Antennas

Siemens C35How to remove the antenna (in German).
Motorola MPx-200Complete take apart, with pictures, some notes about modding the internal antenna.
Motorola V60Antenna replacement.
Nokia CommunicatorCan You Hear Me Now? Do-it-yourself cell phone antenna.
Samsung SPH-A660 (aka VI660)How to attach a selfmade antenna to the cellphone.
Siemens C35How to remove the antenna (in German).
Ericsson T68iFace plate change, screen replacement, internal antenna change.

External Mobile Phone Antennas

BiQuadHere's how to get mobile phone reception where there was no signal - adapting Biquad WiFi antenna designs for use with UMTS (3G) mobile phone networks.
Satellite Dish Wireless ExtenderA DIYer's quick guide to cheap wireless extension. Think old satellite dishes, USB dongles and plastic bags and you'd be on the right tracks to upping wi-fi signal by 4 bars.
External AntennaHow to make an external antenna for your cellphone, to boost the signal reception.

Antennas for Accessories and AddOns

Billionton BlueTooth Class 1 PCMCIA [archived link]How to add an external antenna.
Linksys USB BT100 Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter [archived link]Bluetooth a Mile Away: With a simple antenna modification to a USB Bluetooth adapter, you can extend your wireless range to record-setting distances.

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