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How to Build or Repair a Mobile (Cellular) Phone Adaptor Cable

Do you want to make a special cable for your mobile (cell) phone? Here are links to HOWTOs, FAQs and manuals. If you have written a report yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Motorola N.N.How to get host mode with a selfmade USB-On-the-Go cable.
Nokia Pop-PortA Pop-Port to M-Bus conversion HOWTO (in German).
Nokia (misc. models)Frequently Asked Questions for Data Cables.
Nokia (misc. models)Homemade data cables: DLR-3P and DAU-9.
Nokia 3210Schematics for building a data cable for the cell phone (in German).
Nokia 51xx/61xxSchematics for a selfmade data cable.
Nokia 51xx/61xxA selfmade DLR-3 cable.
Nokia 51xx, 61xx, 71xx und 62xxBuilding a serial data cable (RS-232) (in German).
Nokia DCT-3 FlasherHow build a DCT-3 flasher cable (bi-directional F-Bus, M-Bus). An illustrated guide with schematics (in German).
Nokia F-Bus to DKU-5How to connect a F-Bus serial/USB convertor to a DKU-5 cable (in German).
Nokia F-BusHow to convert a F-Bus data cable into a M-Bus cable (in German).
IrDA PortA selfmade IrDA adapter based on the IR Modul HDSL 1001 or TFDS 4500 / 6500 (in German).
Nokia DKU-2This guide explains how to make your on DKU-2 USB cable (in German).
Nokia DLR-3Parts list and schematics to make your own DLR-3 data cable (in German).
Nokia M-BusThis HOWTO provides a parts list and schematics to build a M-Bus data cable (in German).
Nokia M-BusThis guide explores how to build a M-Bus data cable based on the IC MAX232 (in German).
Universal Data Cable (F-Bus, M-Bus, C-Bus)Parts and schematics to build an universal data cable which is compatible to almost every mobile cellular phone (in German).
Samsung A500 et. al.Modified USB cable to make it capable of charging a mobile phone.
Siemens C25 / S25 / S35 ... 45 [archived link]Self made data cable (in German).
Siemens C65, CX65, CXT65, M65, S65, SL65How to make a Noname datacable work, illustrated schematics and soldering instructions.
Siemens S25Self made data cable to connect to a HP 100LX, 200LX, 700LX, 1000CX PalmTop.
Siemens S10, S/E11, C10, C11, S25, C/S/M35, Nokia et. al.Selfmade data cable (PC-Interface, 3V and 5V), pinouts.
Siemens S25,C35, M35, S35, SL42, S45 und SL45Building a serial data cable (RS-232) (in German).

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