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HOWTOs and FAQs for Do-It-YourSelf Mobile (Cellular) Phone Repair

Do you want to repair your mobile (cellular) phone? Here are links to HOWTOs, FAQs, schematics and manuals.

Chipset, Pinout, Connector and Electric Circuit Specifications, Manuals, Form Factors

Surface Mounted Devices - SMD Soldering

  • SMD Soldering Tutorial: This tutorial will show you just how to solder crazy things like this connector, leadless ICs, etc. There are a very few tools that are required and a handful that are recommended but you'll be able to solder: * SOT23 * TQFP * QFN * Even BGA! * And all the others!
  • Surface mounting with hand-soldering tools
  • SMD Hand Soldering Guide: The purpose of this guide is to introduce SMD (Surface Mount Device) hand soldering. The guide is organized into different methods. Each method is used specifically for a group of SMD components. A simplified list is included with each method to identify which types of SMD components are for the appropriate method.
  • Surface Mount Technology SMD - A Beginner's Guide (includes soldering instructions).

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