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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a LG Electronics Mobile (Cellular) Phone

Need to repair your LG Electronics mobile (cellular) phone? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, modding guides, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks to fix mobile (portable) phones made by LG Electronics. If you have written a HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry. You can also publish a guide in the Mobile Phone Repair Wiki.

I've added a new disassembly guide for the LG GW300 here -
LG 7 (E900) OptimusA detailed disassembly procedure with pictures (in Italian).
LG 1100An illustrated dismantling HOWTO.
LG 8120Step-by-step disassembly tutorial.
LG BL20 ChocolateRun something like a credit card around the join of the battery compartment to release it from the rest of the phone.
LG BL40 ChocolateA complete step-by-step cellphone take apart HOWTO.
LG C1300Tips, tricks and tool to get the housing off and a new one on.
LG CU720 ShineHow to replace a cracked or broken cellphone LCD screen with cheap replacement parts from eBAY.
LG Vu CU920Remove the housing first. Now there is a small piece of double sided tape on the back of the screen so, using a little force, slide a credit card all the way under the screen in order to release it.
LG F9100Full housing installation: tool, tips, take apart pictures and instructions.
LG G4020 & C1300Faceplate installation instructions and photos.
LG G4020Tired with the old cellphone housing: this guide gives you a start to get the conversion done.
LG GC900 Viewty SmartDetailed photos and some tricks to get the cellphone open and repaired.
LG GD510 PopRemove the back cover, battery, SIM and memory card from the cellphone, now six screws need to be removed, the two in the middle are shorter than the screws and the top and bottom. Remember this when you put the phone back together.
LG GD900 CrystalBefore opening the cellphone remove the back cover, battery, SIM and memory card, two screws need to be removed, these screws are covered by black stickers which can be lifted off with your screwdriver.
LG GM205A free do-it-yourself cellphone repair document.
LG GM360 Viewty SnapUse a credit card as a tool to pry this phone open.
LG GM750This complete disassembly HOWTO gives you easy access to all the connectors inside the mobile.
LG GS290 Cookie FreshHow to repair a broken mobile phone screen.
LG GT350 TownDo you want to replace the screen or other parts this guide is helpful.
LG GT400 Viewty SmileIf you have any questions about disassembly of this cellphone these instructions will help.
LG GT500DIY cellphone troubleshooting manual.
LG GT505Removing five Phillips screws and using some special technique explained in this manual will help you to access the secret parts of this mobile.
LG GT540 OptimusThis free guide makes it easy to repair this cellphone.
LG GW300.
LG GW520 CalistoTo pry this mobile phone open for repair becomes easy with this guide.
LG GW620Fixing your cellphone cheaply and fast becomes easy with this do-it-yourself guide.
LG KC550 OrsayHow to open the slide of the phone and replace the screen.
LG KC780 ReinaAn almost complete take apart manual, which can be used to substitute the display as well as other internal parts.
LG KC910 RenoirNeed to exchange a broken LCD? This manual gives all the necessary advice.
LG KE800 ChocolateYou need advice to get this mobilephone apart? Check this disassembly guide.
LG KE850 PradaDisassembly picture gallery and LCD screen replacement guide.
LG KE970 ShineFull disassembly and LCD changement guide, complete with illustrating pictures and a list of all the tools and parts needed.
LG KF510This free tutorial tells every trick you need to get the cellphone opened and the LCD exchanged.
LG KF600 VenusIf you don't have access to a official service manual for this phone this guide may also help you with the cellphone disassembly.
LG KF700 VirgoStarting near the bottom of the phone, run your fingernail, or something like a guitar plectrum, all the way around the join of the battery compartment to unclip it. Now you can digg further to get the LCD substituted.
LG KF750 SecretDo you need to exchange a dead screen? This guide provides all the help you need.
LG KG800 ChocolateDisassembly and LCD screen replacement guide with take apart pictures.
LG KM570 Cookie GigTo get this cellphone opened this online guide offer all the tricks you need.
LG KM900 ArenaHave you ever dropped, crushed, thrown, hit, shook, sat on, bit or just plain broken your cell phone and need to substitute the display?
LG KP130This cellphone can be repaired by yourself using this free guide.
LG KP170A short guide to a cellhone teardown.
LG KP235Instead of bringing your brokken cellphone to a professional repair service this guide will help to fix it yourself.
LG KP500 CookieA step-by-step LCD screen substitution manual.
LG KP501 CookieThis guide can replace a cellphone disassembly manual.
LG KS360To release the back part of the phone pry something like a credit card in-between the housing and battery compartment.
LG KS365Do you want to save some money by repairing a broken phone yourself? Here are some helpful instructions.
LG KU990 ViewtyAn illustrated guide to disassembly and LCD exchangement.
LG L1100A detailed dissection guide with pictures.
LG L1150How to change the housing, disassembly guide with photos.
LG L1200Housing replacement: an illustrated guide.
LG L1400A step-by-step faceplate replacement HOWTO.
LG P500 Optimus OneHow to get the mobile phone open and its inner parts replaced.
LG P500 Optimus OneA complete disassembly guide with some pics included (in Italian).
LG P920 Optimus 3DThis guide helps to disassembly the mobile without breaking any parts.
LG Optimus L3 E400To remove the earpiece/speaker box (the back plastic part at the top of the circuit board), apply some heat to the ringer first, be careful not to damage the two wires which connect the ringer to the circuit board.
LG TP 1100 (aka Sprint SP-510)This mobile phone teardown guide helps to fix these parts: antenna, earpiece, microphone, battery and keypad.
LG U880A take apart manual with detailed pictures, explaining how to replace the LCD screen.
LG U8110, U8120, U8130Complete disassembly instructions and pictures.
LG U970 ShineAn illustrated teardown manual suitable for many cellphone modding and repair tasks.
LG VI5225Step-by-step illustrations to get the housing exchanged.
LG VX3100This video explains how to flash the keypad.
LG VX4400How to take apart the mobile, includes helpful pictures.
LG VX4700An illustrated assistance to cellphone housing replacement.
LG VX7000Illustrated faceplate installation.
LG VX6000Pictures from a housing installation.
LG VX6000Faceplate changement instructions and pictures.
LG VX6000All you need to know to replace the housing.
LG VX6000All you need to know to replace the keypad [video].
LG VX6100Do you want another housing for this mobile? Take this take apart and renewal guide.
LG VX6100An illustrated faceplate installation guide.
LG VX6100How to cross a current cell phone with Bell Model 500 rotary desk phone manufactured for decades by Western Electric.
LG VX7000Housing replacement guide and pictures.
LG VX8100All you need to know to get the housing changed.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

As far as I know LG Electronics doesn't provide free service manuals.


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