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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Nokia Mobile (Cellular) Phone

Need to repair your Nokia (tm) mobile (cellular) phone? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, modding guides, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks to fix mobile (portable) phones made by Nokia (tm). If you have written a HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry. You can also publish a guide in the Mobile Phone Repair Wiki.

Nokia 700If you buy the screen with the plastic frame this repair can be a five minute job. But if you get only the glass you will need to use heat to soften the glue to get it removed from the frame.
Nokia 700How to do a complete disassembly procedure, a guide with pics (in Italian).
Nokia 918pDisassembling, painting and LED modding illustrated.
Nokia 1100Illustrated dismantling instructions.
Nokia 1110 [archived link]This illustrated guide explains how to add a blue SMD LED (in German).
Nokia 1100Keypad flashing: this helpful video shows all you need to get the keypad out and a new one in.
Nokia 1100This short guide into the innards of the cellphone can't replace a full service manual, but it works for a start.
Nokia 1112A concise take cellphone take apart and repair guide with pictures.
Nokia 1208A comprehensive LCD replacement manual.
Nokia 1260 [archived link]Disassembly instructions with pictures.
Nokia 2110How to refurbish a broken cell phone a flashlight.
Nokia 2220 SlideWith this guide at hand you can open the slidephone easily.
Nokia 2300An illustrated dismantling tutorial.
Nokia 2310First remove the battery cover, battery and SIM card. Turn the phone over and remove the front cover. It just pulls off and you can go on to substitute the LCD screen.
Nokia 2330With the assistance of this guide it becomes fairly easy to take this cellphone apart and replace the inner parts.
Nokia 2600 ClassicCellphone take apart and LCD substitution guide.
Nokia 2610A small cellularphone take apart guide.
Nokia 2610 Hopefully this video will help to get this mobile phone openend and repaired.
Nokia 2610Have you dropped your cellphone and broke the LCD screen? Surprisingly this is really easy to fix; everyone can do it. All you need is a few basic tools, and around an hour work.
Nokia 2630LCD replacement: an illustrated step-by-step DIY tutorial.
Nokia 2650An illustrated autopsy tutorial.
Nokia 2680 SlideThis is an easily understandable slidephone disassembly and repair guide.
Nokia 2710 NavigatorA Torx 4 screwdriver and this manual will help to get this mobile phone repaired.
Nokia 2730 ClassicThis take apart guide helps you troubleshooting a broken cell phone.
Nokia 2760There are a few screws in the back of the phone but you do not need to remove them in order to change the LCD screens.
Nokia 2770A short keypad flashing videp tutorial.
Nokia 3100Take apart instructions and pictures.
Nokia 3100Replacement guide to get the keypad out and another one into the cellphone.
Nokia 3110All the tips and tricks to get the phone display replaced.
Nokia 3120How to replace the display of a mobile phone.
Nokia 3120 ClassicThis cellphone teardown guide can be useful if you have questions about LCD substitution.
Nokia 3200Relive the glory days with this NES Controller that has been modified into a cellphone. Everything is original - the buttons and casing.
Nokia 3200A brief video about creating an NES controller cellphone. The electronics used didn't quite fit, so it ended up a little flat [video].
Nokia 3200An illustrated take apart and reassembly manual.
Nokia 3200Everything you need to know to get the keypad changed.
Nokia 3200There is only one special tool required to get to the inside of this cellphone, take a Torx 6 screwdriver.
Nokia 3200/5100/6100/7100 [archived link]Replacing broken battery contacts.
Nokia 3210Working with normal AA-batteries.
Nokia 3210Display modding (in Swedish).
Nokia 3210Opening manual - just see how simple it is and do it by yourself. Picture of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
Nokia 3210Changing LED (call.: Blue LED solution) can be very simple.
Nokia 3210Illustrated dismantling instructions.
Nokia 3210This HOWTO explains how to add a vibration motor into the housing of the mobile phone (in German).
Nokia 3210How make the LEDs blink in sync with the vibration motor (in German).
Nokia 3210How to add a vibration motor (in German).
Nokia 3210Four solutions to avoid the flicker of white LEDs, caused by the DC/CD convertor (V105 TEA1210TS) (in German).
Nokia 3210A short HOWTO showing how to take apart the cellular phone and add a vibration motor, no soldering required (in German).
Nokia 3210A second life for an old mobile phone: how to build a remote car heater control system (in German).
Nokia 3210This guide provides a step-by-step tutorial explaining the replacement of the SMD LEDs (in German).
Nokia 3210How to substitute the LEDs with blue one (in German).
Nokia 3210How to put a vibration alarm motor into the cellphone (in German).
Nokia 3210LED replacement tutorial: how to change the LED to a new color, e.g. blue, red, white or orange (in German).
Nokia 3210Schematics for building a data cable for the cell phone (in German).
Nokia 3210 (et. al)LCD display schematics and disassembly images.
Nokia 3220A step-by-step dissection guide.
Nokia 3220Cellphone take apart and LCD screen replacement tutorial.
Nokia 3230Take apart notes and pictures.
Nokia 3230Exploded view and parts list.
Nokia 3250Home made Pokia: retro-fitting an old telephone handset to a mobile phone.
Nokia 3285 [archived link]Disassembly and LED information.
Nokia 3300Detailed disassembly HOWTO.
Nokia 3310PhoneGlow: How to change the background-light from green to blue.
Nokia 3310How to open, instructions and pictures.
Nokia 3310Strobo-Phone: How you put in a LED, or in this case: a blinking LED.
Nokia 3310This illustrated guide shows how to rip the LCD from the mobile phone and attach it to a LPT printer port (in German).
Nokia 3310How to make a custom I/O button. This HOWTO explains how to create a mold from hard plaster and filling it with silicone. This HOWTO explains how to create a caliper mold from hard plaster and filling it with silicone (in German).
Nokia 3310How to remove a part L511 from the logic board which caused accidentical hangups (in German).
Nokia 3310If you have any questions about the screen replacement for this cellphone, just take this illustrated guide.
Nokia 3310How to add a ribbon service cable to the hidden port behind the battery and change the firmware to update with extras.
Nokia 3310/3330Illustrated dissection manual.
Nokia 3310/3330/3410 [archived link]Tools, parts and soldering techniques to get the SMD LEDs converted to another color (in German).
Nokia 3310/3330This tutorial describes how to take the cellphone apart and invert the display by changing the foil (in German).
Nokia 3310/3330/3410There are some SMDs to be changed to get a blue lighted cellphone keypad (in German).
Nokia 3315The PCB (print circuit board, the green plate) was not easy to dismantle without damaging it, nevertheless, with a bit of patience and care this was possible to take of the shield without damaging the cellphone.
Nokia 3360 [archived link]Disassembly and LED modding guide.
Nokia 3360 [archived link]How to change the LEDs.
Nokia 3360Keypad flashing made easy. This video takes you through all neccessary take apart and re-assembly steps.
Nokia 3360/8290 [archived link]LCD color flip.
Nokia 3390/95/10 [archived link]LED install information.
Nokia 3390 [archived link]Disassembly HOWTO and pictures.
Nokia 3390Disassembly video explaining how to flash the keypad.
Nokia 3410Disassembly picture gallery and HOWTO.
Nokia 3410An illustrated step-by-step SMD-LED modding tutorial (in German).
Nokia 3410First remove the back cover, battery and SIM from the cellphone, now you can pry the clips at the bottom of the phone away, in order to release the front cover.
Nokia 3500 ClassicLCD replacement and cellphone dissection tutorial.
Nokia 3510 [archived link]How to change the LEDs.
Nokia 3510Do you want to change the color of the cellphone display? This HOWTO tells you how to change the LEDs (in German).
Nokia 3510 / 3510iLCD module pinouts.
Nokia 3510i / 3530LCD display schematics and disassembly images.
Nokia 3510iDismantling guide and images.
Nokia 3510iAdded a nice LED inside the phone (in Finnish).
Nokia 3510i [archived link]This HOWTO shows how to put blue SMD LEDs into the mobile phone housing (in German).
Nokia 3560Tools and take apart instructions to get the keypad changed [video].
Nokia 3585Keypad flashing instruction video.
Nokia 3586A step-by-step explanation to keypad flashing [video].
Nokia 3600 SlideRun something like a credit card around the join of the bottom part of the front cover in order to release it.
Nokia 3650Complete dismantling tutorial.
Nokia 5000If you have any questions about getting this cellular phone disassembled and the LCD screen substituted try this illustrated tutorial.
Nokia 5100Opening instructions and pictures.
Nokia 51xx/61xxChanging LEDs, programming netmonitor, cheat codes.
Nokia 51xx/61xx [archived link]Pinout scheme (in German).
Nokia 51xx/61xxSchematics for a selfmalde data cable.
Nokia 51xx/61xxSelfmade DLR-3 cable.
Nokia 51xx, 61xx, 71xx und 62xx [archived link]Building a serial data cable (RS-232) (in German).
Nokia 5100/6100 [archived link]Disassembly and repair HOWTO.
Nokia 5100/6100Adding an answer/end call button to a headset.
Nokia 5100/6100/8200/8800 [archived link]Solder pad fix, LED soldering.
Nokia 5110Opening instructions and pictures.
Nokia 5110Complete take apart image gallery.
Nokia 5110/5130/6110/6130How to change the LEDs: take part pictures and soldering tips (in German).
Nokia 5110/6110Changing the display and keyboard illumination color.
Nokia 5110/6110A standard audio amplifier adaptor for the headset. A headset is useful device when you are outdoors. At home you may prefer speaking directly to the phone. But you can connect the phone to your hi-fi amplifier at home and play music on the line, record the calls, and use it as a "wireless microphone".
Nokia 5130How to exchange the original LEDs to blue LEDs (in German).
Nokia 5130 Xpress MusicA short cellphone disassembly and repair manual.
Nokia 5140An illustrated take apart tutorial.
Nokia 5190 [archived link]Pictures from the inside.
Nokia 51xx/61xx/62xx/71xxA short-circuit to get the backlight always on (this is the same technique as used in the car kit) (in German).
Nokia 5200An illustrated LCD screen substitution tutorial.
Nokia 5210All the tools (Torx-6 screwdriver, tweezers, wire cutter, gloves, soldering iron) and tricks you need to get the LEDs changed (in German).
Nokia 5220 Xpress MusicThis crack down guide is almost better than the original technical manual provided by the cellphone manufacturer.
Nokia 5230How to get the cellphone chassis opened and the touch screen substituted.
Nokia 5300 XpressMusicTake apart and LCD screen replacement guide with photos.
Nokia 5310Is the keypad on your cellphone broken? Or got your phone wet and the keypad no longer works? Then this is the repair guide you need to follow to get the damaged part replaced.
Nokia 5310Cellphone LCD screen replacement and disassembly guide.
Nokia 5310Is the front cover on your mobile phone broken or really scratched up? Do you want to change the color of the housing? If so then this is the guide for you.
Nokia 5310 XpressMusicIs the LCD on your cell phone cracked? Did the backlight stop working? Step by step how to guide with good pictures.
Nokia 5320 XpressMusicThis inofficial manual gives an illustrated description of cellphone LCD display substitution.
Nokia 5510Disassembly pictures and HOWTO.
Nokia 5530 Xpress MusicThis guide can serve as a manual for LCD display substitution as well as for repairing the touch screen.
Nokia 5610 Xpress MusicIn case you have to replace the LCD screen you need to put this phone back together in a slightly different order to how you took it apart.
Nokia 5800 Xpress MusicTo take apart this cellular phone remove the back cover, the battery, the SIM card, the stylus and the memory card. Remove the four screws you can see now, then pull the coloured outer band outwards at various points, this will release the clips holding the band in place.
Nokia 5800 Xpress MusicThis repair video might come in handy for a few people which have cracked their mobile phone screen.
Nokia 6015iDo you want to mod up the housing of this cellphone? Look up this detailed take apart pictures.
Nokia 6061How to open the protector case, an illustrated guide.
Nokia 6100Opening guide with pictures.
Nokia 6100How to put a new LCD into the cellphone and connect it to a MSP4300 with a 3 Bit serial interface to the PCF8833 controller (in German).
Nokia 6100, 7210, 6610, 7250 and 6220Controlling a mobile phone display with an Atmel-AVR chipset.
Nokia 6101 (Rogers Wireless)An illustrated take apart HOWTO.
Nokia 6101Illustrated faceplate installation guide.
Nokia 6110Integrated LED flashlight.
Nokia 6110 NavigatorTo get this cellphone open start near the top of the phone and run something like the edge of a credit card around the join of the front cover to release it. Now you are able to go further on to replace broken parts, for example the LCD.
Nokia 6120 ClassicIf you have any questions about repairing this cellphone check this illustrated guide.
Nokia 6124Run a plastic tool around the edge of the join of the camera surround to unclip it. Now you can proceed further to get the LCD replaced.
Nokia 6131How to take the cellphone apart carefully and get access to the circuit board and the LCD.
Nokia 6150Many old Nokia cellular phones have graphical LCDs based on the PCD8544 controller. These are perfect for various electronic projects with microcontrollers. The interface is a two-wire serial type (clock and data), and some additional signals. The LCD supply is a single 3.3 V with very low supply current. This is not really a "hack"; we are merely re-using parts of the phone.
Nokia 6170/7270Exploded drawing with parts list.
Nokia 6200Keypad replacement: this video guide gives you some assistance.
Nokia 6210Dismantling instructions with illustrations.
Nokia 6210How to open the housing with a Torx screw driver and replace the cover (in German).
Nokia 6210This step-by-step tutorial tells you everything you need to know for changing the cellphone LEDs (in German).
Nokia 6210 NavigatorHow to remove the LCD frame to get inside the cellphone an substitute the LCD screen.
Nokia 6220 ClassicTo replace the LCD screen you now need to remove the front cover. It's held on with clips around edge. Run something like a credit card all the way around the join of the front cover and it will unclip.
Nokia 6230HOW-TO: Make a Nokia Pop port to female mini jack with volume control for the HDS-3 cable to the headset.
Nokia 6230Take apart picture gallery.
Nokia 6230Cellphone take apart guide, describing how to replace the keypad.
Nokia 6230After you have detached back cover, battery and SIM card you can the front cover away from the phone. To get to innards of the cellphone follow this guide.
Nokia 6230iA teardown report with disassembly photos.
Nokia 6233Instead of the official service manual for this phone this tutorial may also help you with the cellphone disassembly and screen exchangement.
Nokia 6234A short guide to disassembly and LCD panel substitution.
Nokia 6260Take apart HOWTO and image gallery.
Nokia 6280Display cover removal for dust cleaning, an illustrated tutorial.
Nokia 6280How to fit a replacement LCD screen to a mobilephone.
Nokia 6280Your cellphone screen doesn't work anymore, this DIY replacement guide will help.
Nokia 6280This video is particularly useful for those of you looking to replace a speaker, ribbon cable or keypad rather than just the LCD, although this is covered very well too.
Nokia 6300An illustrated guide to LCD changing.
Nokia 6303 ClassicThis concise manual illustrates how to disassemble the cellphone.
Nokia 6310This guide provides assistance to get the LEDs changed to LEDs with another color (in German).
Nokia 6310You don't like the color of the original LEDs? Here are some pictures explaining how to get the conversion done (in German).
Nokia 6310iAn illustrated take apart guide to prepare the removal of the LCD.
Nokia 6310/6310iIllustrated take apart tutorial.
Nokia 6340i [archived link]LED installation manual.
Nokia 6340i [archived link]Disassembly instructions and picture gallery.
Nokia 6360 [archived link]Disassembly and LED information.
Nokia 6360 [archived link]LED replacement guide.
Nokia 6500 ClassicA guide to mobile phone screen replacement.
Nokia 6500 SlideAll you need to know about disassembling the cellphone completely and swapping the LCD screen: take apart guide, tools, tricks and pics.
Nokia 6510Dismantling and reaassembly guide with pictures.
Nokia 6510How to achieve a background color hardware inversion of the monochrome LCD display by attaching a polarization foil behind the screen (in German).
Nokia 6560This video guides you through keypad flashing.
Nokia 6600Dismantling instructions with pictures.
Nokia 6600Take apart explantions and pictures.
Nokia 6600How to replace the BL-5C battery with a BL-6C.
Nokia 6600 FoldThis unofficial take apart manual helps in replacing a broken LCD screen.
Nokia 6600 SlideAn illustrated teardown and LCD replacement manual.
Nokia 6610Project: LogiNoki - Logitech G5 Laser Mouse and Nokia 6610 Mobile Phone LCD Screen Hybrid.
Nokia 6610iPictures from the inside, dismantling instructions.
Nokia 6630An illustrated opening and take apart tutorial.
Nokia 6650Illustrated opening tutorial.
Nokia 6670/7610Exploded view and parts list.
Nokia 6680Parts list and exploded drawing.
Nokia 6680To take the cellphone apart and the LCD replcaced, first remove the battery cover, battery, SIM and memory card. To remove the camera surround you need a tool with a slight hook on the end to release two clips.
Nokia 6681To take the mobilephone apart, first remove the battery cover & battery. Than remove the aerial cover/camera lens. Two clips hold this in place, so lift these back first then run something like a credit card around the join to remove the aerial cover. Tools required: Torx 6 screwdriver.
Nokia 6700 ClassicTo replace a broken screen you will need a T5 star type screwdriver, a plastic knife and maybe some tweezers if the little L.E.D flash comes off the cover and of course this brilliant video tutorial.
Nokia 6700 ClassicHow to get the top cellphone cover off and the LCD screen repaired.
Nokia 6700 ClassicA HOWTO for screen repair as well as case, keyboard and antenna replacement.
Nokia 6800Opening instructions and pictures.
Nokia 6820An illustrated take apart HOWTO.
Nokia 7070Open the cellphone and remove the screw covers, they just clip off and on and now you should be able to lever them off with your fingernail.
Nokia 7100 [archived link]How to fix a loose slide.
Nokia 7100 SuperNovaThis guide is almost a complete manual of cellphone disassembly.
Nokia 7110LCD display schematics and disassembly images.
Nokia 7110Take apart pictures and HOWTO.
Nokia 7110An illustrated take apart guide showing how to replace the display LEDs.
Nokia 7110LED replacement: tools, tricks and take apart tutorial (in German).
Nokia 7160 [archived link]Detailed disassembly guide.
Nokia 7160 [archived link]Auto slide install.
Nokia 7190 [archived link]Auto slide install.
Nokia 7200Take apart guide with illustrations.
Nokia 7210/6610Opening and take apart HOWTO.
Nokia 7250/7250iTake apart HOWTO with illustrations.
Nokia 7270Complete step-by-step dismantling guide with images.
Nokia 7310 SuperNovaA concise cellphone dissection guide with photos.
Nokia 7500How to get access to the circuit board and the LCD.
Nokia 7510 SupernovaThis helpful document explains in easy language and with some photographs how to substitute a dead LCD screen.
Nokia 7600Dismantling guide and illustrations.
Nokia 7610How to make the phone work with regular sized MMC's.
Nokia 7610Take apart instructions and pictures.
Nokia 7610Wide angle attachment made from a lense out of another camera and attached with duct tape.
Nokia 7650Complete illustrated step-by-step take apart guide, with an overview about all the neccessary tools for a professional job.
Nokia 7710Spare parts list and exploded view.
Nokia 7610 SuperNovaThis guide is not the official service manual, but it will help you to get the cellphone apart nevertheless.
Nokia 7900 PrismRemove the back cover, battery, SIM and memory card. Now you can remove the six black screws, three on each side, to get the cellphone dissected.
Nokia 8110Dissection HOWTO and images.
Nokia 8210Behind the cover, pictures of a disassembly.
Nokia 8210How to take apart explanation with images.
Nokia 8210Bored with the color of the mobilephone display? This guide explains how to replace the LEDs (in German).
Nokia 8250Disassembly photo gallery.
Nokia 8260 [archived link]Conversion from 8260 to 8860.
Nokia 8260 [archived link]A complete disassembly with pictures.
Nokia 8260Aurora 8260: If you don't like the icky green lighting and the vile display this guide describe how to change it to blue for the display and red for the keypad.
Nokia 8260/8860 [archived link]Speaker fixes with pictures.
Nokia 8265 [archived link]Disassembly instructions and pictures.
Nokia 8290 [archived link]An illustrated disassembly manual.
Nokia 8310Pictures from the inside, disassembly tips and tools.
Nokia 8310A take apart tutorial with pictures.
Nokia 8310Take apart and soldering instructions for changing the LEDs (in German).
Nokia 8390 [archived link]LED modding HOWTO.
Nokia 8390 [archived link]How to disassemble the mobile.
Nokia 8810Under the hood, dissection pictures and instructions.
Nokia 8810This tutorial explains how to disassemble the mobile phone and replace the LEDs (in German).
Nokia 8850/8890Illustrated take apart instructions.
Nokia 8860 [archived link]Disassembly manual and pictures.
Nokia 8890 [archived link]Complete disassembly instructions and pictures.
Nokia 8890 (and 6190) [archived link]How to fix a notorious screen flake.
Nokia 8910/8910iOpening instructions and illustrations.
Nokia 9210iHow to make a solar charger.
Nokia 9210/9210iIllustrated dismantling tutorial.
Nokia 9290 [archived link]Disassembly manual and pictures.
Nokia C3-01This detailed video explains how to get this cellphone cracked open in a professional way.
Nokia C3-01This guide tells you all the secrets you need to know to open this mobile phone.
Nokia C5A fully illustrated HOW-TO for cellphone disassembly (in Italian).
Nokia C5-03This is quite a nice compact phone, which one is not too hard to crack open once you have figured how to get the bottom cover off.
Nokia C6To replace a broken LCD or Digitizer you need T5 & T6 star type screwdrivers, a small bladed screwdriver, a plastic knife (or some other plastic tool) and some tweezers to grab the screws. Replacement parts are very easy to find online. And of course doing this will void any warranty.
Nokia C6-01To replace a damaged AMOLED or touch screen (digitizer) use a T6 Torx star type screwdriver, a small bladed screwdriver, a plastic knife and maybe some tweezers to grab the screws [video].
Nokia C6-01A complete guide for disassembling the mobile phone to replace the display screen (in Italian).
Nokia C7To replace a broken screen or digitizer you need the parts and some knowhow provided in this video tutorial.
Nokia C7A detailed take apart guide including many helpful photos (in Italian).
Nokia E7Screen repair: change a broken LCD (AMOLED) or Touch Screen (Digitizer) [video].
Nokia E50Step-by-Step disassembly guide to making your own Metal Black cellphone.
Nokia E50Starting at the top, run your fingernail around the join of the front cover and it will release. This tutorial reveals all the neccessary details you need to know to get the phone display changed.
Nokia E51First remove the front cover. Now you are able to remove the two screws which fix the metal LCD frame.
Nokia E52Do you need to replace a broken cellphone display? Take this illustrated guide (in Italian).
Nokia E55Large pictures and non-tech speak make this guide a good assistance even for beginners in cellphone repair.
Nokia E61Take apart picture gallery.
Nokia E61How to use a plastic shim to lift the antenna cover away from the phone (some force is required) and replace the screen.
Nokia E63Some tips and tricks from a professional cellphone repair expert.
Nokia E65To get the LCD screen exchanged first remove the battery cover, battery, SIM and memory card. Now run a plastic tool all the way around the join of the front cover in order to release the clips that hold it in place.
Nokia E66How to replace the LCD screen of the cellphone (in Italian).
Nokia E71This free manual assists in exchanging a defunct LCD screen.
Nokia E72Take this guide to avoid breaking your cellphone when taking it apart for maintenance (in Italian).
Nokia E72You need a Torx 6 screwdriver as well as a Torx 4 screwdriver to take this mobile phone apart .
Nokia E90 CommunicatorA complete step-by-step take apart tutorial with many photos.
Nokia CommunicatorCan You Hear Me Now? Do-it-yourself cell phone antenna.
Nokia Fate 500Tools required to disassembly this cellphone: Torx 6 screwdriver, cheap plastic tool e.g. a guitar plectrum or credit card.
Nokia Lumia 610A video explaining in deep detail how to substitute the screen.
Nokia Lumia 610To get this cellphone ready for repair remove the back cover, battery, sim and memory card, now you have access to 8 screws, next you need to remove the battery compartment by unclipping it all the way around the join.
Nokia Lumia 710This is one of the simplest cellphone repairs, no Torx screws and no force needed to crack the case open. Five stars to Nokia for making a phone everyone can fix themselves.
Nokia Lumia 710Eleven screws and some plastic cramps behind the back cover hold this mobile phone togethers.
Nokia Lumia 800This video tutorial shows all the details you need to replace the mobile phone screen, it is not possible to change the digitizer or the LCD separately as these two are bonded together. [video].
Nokia Lumia 800Fully detailed video guide that should come in handy for anyone wishing to change the cellphone case, headphone socket, speaker and so on, you have to use hot air e.g. a fan heater to soften the glue.
Nokia Lumia 800.Raise the screen slightly and then unclip it from the main body of the phone by using a plastic tool.
Nokia Lumia 820In case you have to remove the headphone jack carefully peel it away from the back cover, it's held in place with double sided tape.
Nokia Lumia 820Complete disassembling guide for replacing the touchscreen (in Italian).
Nokia Lumia 900When you lift the plate inside the cellphone make sure the battery comes away with it, if you feel some resistance then the battery is probably stuck down on the other side, use a hot air gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive holding.
Nokia N8Looking for do-it-yourself repair instructions? Take this free guide.
Nokia N8To replace a broken LCD (AMOLED) or Digitizer you will need a T5 star type screwdriver, a plastic knife (or guitar pick) and some tweezers to grab the screws.
Nokia N8Complete diassembly procedure: AMOLED display, touchscreen, camera (in Italian).
Nokia N8A way to recover from a "INSERT SIM" error message (in Italian).
Nokia N8 / E51How to repair a cellphone power button (in Italian).
Nokia N70A disassembly video with details from the inside of the mobile phone [video].
Nokia N70Got questions about how to substitute the LCD screen of this cellphone? Take this free illustrated guide.
Nokia N73Need to fix a smashed screen, here are all the tips and tricks to get the job done.
Nokia N73To start with the cellphone disassembly un-do the front casing clips first, which are located at the top, left and right of the handset.
Nokia N75Run your fingernail or the edge of a credit card around the join of the top half of the cellphone to release the clips which hold the front cover on. Now you are ready to disconnect the ribbon connector to the LCD screen, which can be exchanged then.
Nokia N80An illustrated disassemble and LCD changing guide.
Nokia N81Use a plastic shim, e.g. a guitar plectrum or a credit card to lift the top keypad away from the phone and get access to the LCD.
Nokia N82All the information you need to replace a broken screen.
Nokia N85How to take apart the cellphone, substitute the LCD screen and resassemble it.
Nokia N86A concise LCD replacement manual for the cellphone.
Nokia N9A complete cellphone teardown video.
Nokia N9This should come in handy for all owners of this cellphone around the world though this DIY screen change will void any warranty but it may save you lots of money.
Nokia N9A complete cellphone disassembly guide (in Italian).
Nokia N95How to fix a jerky slider, you need: scissors, tweezers, T5/T6 screw driver and tape.
Nokia N95This tutorial explains how to take the cellphone apart and swap a broken LCD screen.
Nokia N95Ultimate loose/wobbly slider fix! Here is a guide explaining you how to fix your loose slider with a screwdriver and some cellotape.
Nokia N95Step-by-step instructions to get the mobile phone apart and the LCD screen substituted.
Nokia N95This video shows how to strip a cellphone from its dignity.
Nokia N95Teardown guide, which provides a look inside the mobile phone but should not be used as disassembly instructions.
Nokia N95Overview of the mobile phone hardware with circuit diagrams and labeled chips.
Nokia N95 8GBHow to fix a wobbly slider. An illustrated tutorial with take apart instructions (in German).
Nokia N95 8GBTake apart and LCD replacement guide with pics.
Nokia N96No officical service manual at hand? Just remove the battery cover, battery, SIM and memory card. Now push the slide up and remove the two screws to gain access to the innards of the cellphone.
Nokia N97A concise slidephone repair guide with pics.
Nokia N97 MiniLCD and touch screen replacement guide.
Nokia N-GageIllustrated dismantling HOWTO.
Nokia N-GageSide Talking is dead. Long live Rear Talking. How to move speaker and microphone to the back.
Nokia N GageA step-by-step guide to LCD replacent. The guide comes with helpful photos.
Nokia X3You don't know how to pry open this mobile phone? Take this illustrated tour to the innards of the phone.
Nokia X6With this guide at your fingertips you do not need to call Doctor Cellphone to fix your broken gadget.
Nokia X7Detailed video guide which should come in handy for anyone wishing to replace the battery (BL5K), the metal case, the ear piece, the charger socket, the speakers or other cellphone parts.
Nokia X7Complete disassembling guide for replacing digitizer, display and other innards (in Italian).
Nokia N.N.A hand-painted mobile phone cover.
Nokia N.N.How to make a RiverSpy2 monitoring system.
Nokia (misc. models) [archived link]Fix for a loose battery.
Nokia (misc. models)Homemade datacables: DLR-3P and DAU-9.
Nokia (misc. models)Frequently Asked Questions for Data Cables.
Nokia (misc. models)How to add a backlight dimmer to a mobile phone (in German).
Nokia (misc. models)How to fix overheating BL-5C batteries. There are two steps to find out if the Nokia battery you have on your phone has a potential to overheat or *shudder* explode.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

As far as I know Nokia (tm) doesn't provide free service manuals. But Nokia provides a discussion board (aka forum) where you will find solutions to most technical problems.


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