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How to Make a Remote Control from a Mobile (Cellular) Phone

Some links to guides about turning a mobile (cellular) phone into a remote control. If you have written a HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Alcatel One Touch Easy DBHow to control a car heater with an old cellular phone (in German).
Alcatel One Touch Easy DBThis guides explains how to use a mobile phone as a GSM remote to control an independent vehicle heater (in German).
Alcatel One Touch Max DBThis guide explains how to turn any mobile phone into a remote control (in German).
Ericsson T10sSMS Remote Control: With this circuit you can control up to 8 devices, by sending a specific SMS message with any mobile phone. This is very useful in places where we have no wired telephone line. You can switch-ON , OFF or Restart servers, ADSL modems, printers, doors with electric locks, garage doors, house lights, water pumps, electric sunshades, block the engine of your car or your motorcycle in case they have been stolen.
Ericsson T28VCR remote control via SMS: imagine it, it's 3:15 on a weekday afternoon and you've just realised you've forgotten to set the video to tape 'Pet Rescue'. Usually you would be condemned to an afternoon of misery and disappointment, knowing you had no heartwarming cute animal stories to come home to. But not any more. Here is a description of a simple interface between a T28 mobile phone (ME) and Matsui VX770 VCR to allow remote recording of programmes.
Nokia 3210A second life for an old mobile phone: how to build a remote car heater control system (in German).

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