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How to Hack SIM Cards for Mobile (Cellular) Phones

Do you want to modify your SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) or want to build a SIM card reader yourself? Here are links to free hacking guides. If you have written a tutorial yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Miscellaneous SIM Card Hacks

SIM Card EarringsKeep all those old phone call memories close to your ears.
SIM Card Reader for Parallel PortHow to build a SIM card reader: parts list and schematics (in German).

Conversions Between Standard SIM, MicroSIM and DualSIM Cards

Dual-SIMHow to cut a single SIM card into two halfes for Dual-SIM (in German).
SIM Card CuttingThere are two sizes of SIM cards, the only difference is the plastic holding the card. If you have a large card (credit-card size), and need a small one, it is possible to cut the plastic to make it fit a small size holder. The reverse of the process is trickier, but also explained in this HOWTO.
SIM to MicroSIMHow to convert a SIM to a MicroSIM card, with a meat cleaver.

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