HTC XDA mini S Cellphone Disassembly and Power Plug Repair

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Here are some small disassembly instructions for the XDA mini S cellphone made by HTC. This cellphone is also known as i-Mate K-JAM, Qtek 9100, T-Mobile MDA Vario, HTC P4300 or HTC Wizard. You need a Torx 6 screwdriver to get this cellphone open. To get more detailed pictures just click on the thumbnails.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_front_view.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s front view thumb.jpg]  A view of the cellphone from the frontside before the disassembly.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_backside_view.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s backside view thumb.jpg]  The backside of the cellphone not yet taken apart.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_backcover_and_battery_removed.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s backcover and battery removed thumb.jpg]  Backcover, stylus and battery removed.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_camera_cover_removal.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s camera cover removal thumb.jpg]  The cover of the digital cellphone camera can be pryed off with a plastic tool e.g. a credit card.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_camera_cover_separated.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s camera cover separated thumb.jpg]  The camera cover now separated from the cellphone.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_front_and_backcover_separation.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s front and backcover separation thumb.jpg]  The frontcover can be lift off with a plastic tool.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_both_halves_separated.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s both halves separated thumb.jpg]  Both halves of the cellphone case separated. Note the stylus compartment in the middle of this picture. The power socket at the bottom of the inner tray is missing. I have soldered it in after taking these photos.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_how_to_take_the_inner_tray_out.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s how to take the inner tray out thumb.jpg]  Also a plastic tool can be used to take the inner tray out. Do not forget to unlock the cable lock at the right first.

[contrib/htc_xda_o2_mini_s/pics/htc_xda_o2_mini_s_without_inner_tray.jpg File:Htc xda o2 mini s without inner tray thumb.jpg]  The cellphone without the inner tray. In the middle of this picture you can view the second cable lock.

Other Resources

  • More [../../disassembly_htc.html repair guides for mobile phones made by HTC].

Disclaimer and Copyright

Warning: These instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the following steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your mobile cellular phone and you WILL lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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