Nokia 2610 Cellphone Take Apart & Repair Guide

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Here are some small disassembly instructions for the Nokia 2610 mobilephone.

Nokia 2610 cellphone.jpeg
  Often you can remove the cover from the backside just by pushing it to the bottom. But in some cases you need to apply some more power. Put the phone on a piece of cloth, press it against the cloth and push into the direction of top to the get cover removed from the backside.

  A view of the mobilephone with the back lid and the battery removed.

  Run a piece of plastic around the notch to separate back and front cover.

  A view of all the parts separated.

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Warning: These instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the following steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your mobile cellular phone and you WILL lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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