Sagem my220x Mobile Cell Phone Disassembly Guide

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Here are disassembly instructions for the Sagem my220x mobile phone. You need a small Phillips (CrossHead) PH00 screwdriver and a flat piece of plastic (e.g. a credit card) to start the job. This mobile phone can be completely taken apart really easy. For a detailed picture in high resolution click on the thumbnail.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_front_view.jpg File:Sagem my220x front view thumb.jpg]  Before you start, this is a front view of the mobile phone not yet disassembled.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_backside_view.jpg File:Sagem my220x backside view thumb.jpg]  A view from the backside.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_backcover_and_battery_removed.jpg File:Sagem my220x backcover and battery removed thumb.jpg]  Backcover and battery of the mobile phone have to be removed first. The backcover can be taken off without a tool just with your fingernails.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_screws_removed.jpg File:Sagem my220x screws removed thumb.jpg]  All the six screws fixing the two halves of the case together can be accessed and removed easily.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_how_to_open.jpg File:Sagem my220x how to open thumb.jpg]  How to separate the two halves of the case with a plastic tool (e.g. a credit card).

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_top_and_bottom_case_apart.jpg File:Sagem my220x top and bottom case apart thumb.jpg]  Top and bottom halves of the case separated.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_case_opened.jpg File:Sagem my220x case opened thumb.jpg]  The inner tray and the top half of the mobile phone case separated.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_inner_tray_and_keypad_separated.jpg File:Sagem my220x inner tray and keypad separated thumb.jpg]  The inner tray and the keypad can now be separated.

[contrib/sagem_my220x/pics/sagem_my220x_how_to_pry_off_the_screen.jpg File:Sagem my220x how to pry off the screen thumb.jpg]  The LCD screen is glued to the base. It can be pryed off from the base with a screwdriver.

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Warning: These instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the following steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your mobile cellular phone and you WILL lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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