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Modding Guides for Mobile (Cellular) Phones

Do you want to mod, pimp or hack your mobile (cellular) phone? Here is an overview of cool fone modz. If you have written a modification guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Ericsson T68i/T68mHow to paint the cover in silver, removing the faceplate, disassembling guide.
Motorola V400Modding guide.
Motorola iDen i50/i85 [archived link]Disassembly and LED installation.
Motorola T-193 [archived link]Disassembly and LED replacement guide.
Motorola C331 [archived link]How to disassemble the mobile phone and install LEDs.
Motorola V180A step-by-step faceplate replacement HOWTO.
Motorola V220Faceplate changement instructions and pictures.
Motorola V3 RazrAn illustrated faceplate installation guide.
Nokia 918pDisassembling, painting and LED modding illustrated.
Nokia 3210Changing LED (call.: Blue LED solution) can be very simple.
Nokia 3210How to substitute the LEDs with blue one (in German).
Nokia 3310PhoneGlow: How to change the background-light from green to blue.
Nokia 3310Strobo-Phone: How you put in a LED, or in this case: a blinking LED.
Nokia 3360 [archived link]How to change the LEDs.
Nokia 3390/95/10 [archived link]LED install information.
Nokia 3410An illustrated step-by-step SMD-LED modding tutorial (in German).
Nokia 3510iAdded a nice LED inside the phone (in Finnish).
Nokia 5110/6110Changing the display and keyboard illumination color.
Nokia 5130How to exchange the original LEDs to blue LEDs (in German).
Nokia 6101Illustrated faceplate installation guide.
Nokia 6310You don't like the color of the original LEDs? Here are some pictures explaining how to get the conversion done (in German).
Nokia 6340i [archived link]LED installation manual.
Nokia 6360 [archived link]LED replacement guide.
Nokia 8390 [archived link]LED modding HOWTO.
Nokia N.N.A hand-painted mobile phone cover.
Samsung S300How to change the housing.
Sanyo 4920Keypad mod, replacing the LEDs.
Siemens C35How to remove the antennas (in German).
Sony/Ericsson P900/910Replacing housing & prepping it for a custom paintjob.
misc. modelsMetku ModGallery: many nice mobile phone moddings.
N.N.Merging an old dia-projector and a LCD display from a mobile phone into a projector (in German).

Special Moddings


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